Roots Organic Fruit Box

Roots Organic Fruit Box


Get Your Fruit Fix! Your fruit bowl will be bursting with fresh organic certified fruits! Getting your vitamins couldn't be tastier. Each week this box will change contents and prices as we want to bring you the best of the season.

Box Contents - 27th November

Bananas (Bunch) - Fairtrasa - Dom. Rep

Kiwi (500g) - Fairtrasa - Italy

Blueberries (125g) - Zann - Argentina

Apples (700g) - Oakwood - UK

Orange 'straight from the orchard' (1KG) - Biovergel - Spain

Clementines (1.2KG) - Biovergel - Spain

Pear Tiny Conference (700g) - I D Pardoe - UK

Grapefruit (1 Unit) - Biovergel - Spain

Fresh organic fruit straight to your door!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Weekly Delivery
£19.50weekly/ auto-renew
Monthly Delivery
£20.95monthly/ auto-renew