Roots Organic Fruit & Veg Box

Roots Organic Fruit & Veg Box


Roots Organic Fruit & Veg Box is bursting with vitamins from the highest quality organic fruit & veg. Each box will contain 3-4 varieties of organic fruit & 4-5 varieties of organic vegetables. Bringing you the best of the season, sourced from organic certified farms straight to your door.

Box Content - 27th November

Potato Bluebelle (1kg) - Newfields - UK
Carrots (500g) - Royal Oak - UK
Broccoli (1 Unit) - Thaymin - Spain
Parsnips (600g) - Royal Oak - UK
Kale Green (250g) - Strawberry Fields - UK

Leeks (700g) - Royal Oak - UK

Tiny Pears (700g) - ID Pardoe - UK
Oranges (1KG) - Biovergel - Spain
Kiwi (500g) - Fairtrasa - Italy
Bananas - Fairtrasa - Dom Rep.

That's our plan, but items may change to bring you what's best on the day. *Image is not a true representation.

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